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EKO offers a wide range of specialized diagnostic and imaging services. The various departments and facilities available are given below. To learn more about any of the departments click on View Details.

Bone Densitometry Department

EKO's state-of-the-art Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Scanner, installed in 2002, sets the benchmark in assessing fracture risk of an individual with normal bone, osteopenia or osteoporosis. Assessment of total body Bone Mineral Density along with the same for Lumber Spine, Dual Femur and both forearms can be examined by DEXA scan. QCT BMD and 4 phase isotope bone scan facilities are also available at our institute. Soft tissue quantification of the whole body can be done within 5 minutes. Assessment of Body Mass Index is also carried out. Ours is the only institute in eastern India that has paediatric and orthopaedic BMD software for evaluation of bone density.