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EKO offers a wide range of specialized diagnostic and imaging services. The various departments and facilities available are given below. To learn more about any of the departments click on View Details.

CT Scan Department

EKO launched new facilities in 1994, with the installation of the whole body CT scanner. The era of High Resolution CT of the thorax and 3D reformations of the bones had begun. Volumetric CT started in 1998, as Prospered GE medical systems' spiral CT scanner was installed, providing CT Angiography and virtual studies.

History was made in 2004 with the installation of another first in Eastern India - the 16 slice Multidetector Lightspeed GE medical systems' CT scanner, capable of forming isotrophic image with multi-axial imaging facility. This scanner has the capacity of scanning 32 times faster than the previous one. It was a leap forward in non-invasive coronary and peripheral angiography. Advanced studies of Virtual Colonoscopy and CT Enteroclysis, and brain and body perfusion imaging were made possible. Today, MDCT is the only examination that delivers a global assessment of cerebral, thoraco-abdominal, skeletal, visceral and vascular injuries. Sophisticated computers, such as Advantage Windows Workstations, are used to create Angiographic, 3D and virtual images in special investigations.

Routine Brain/Neck/Chest/Abdomen
3D Bones and Soft Tissues
HRCT: Chest/Temporal Bone
Brain and Body Perfusion
Virtual Broncoscopy/Colonoscopy
Brain and Peripheral Angiography