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EKO offers a wide range of specialized diagnostic and imaging services. The various departments and facilities available are given below. To learn more about any of the departments click on View Details.

Gastroenterology Department

This department was set up in 1996, to provide clinical and endoscopic therapy. Till date over 50,000 patients belonging to both adult and paediatric groups have been treated.

EKO was again the first in eastern India to install a state-of-the-art computerized stress test, along with high-resolution Electrocardiogram, solid-state three channel Halter Monitor and Pacemaker Analyzer. The department has pioneered Duplex Doppler study of peripheral arteries and venous systems. Today vascular analysis like Transcranial Doppler, Organ Perfusion Flow Volumes, 3D Tumor Vascularity and Transplant Kidney virtual 3D Angiography are routinely performed. Advanced instruments in the department are also capable of performing Harmonic Imaging, Tissue Doppler, Myocardial Strain Mapping, Automated Volume Calculations and 3D Fetal Heart Reconstructions.

Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy :

Sophisticated equipment like state- of-the-art video endoscopes made by Olympus (Japan), helps EKO diagnose virtually all mucosal diseases of the gastrointestinal tract accurately and rapidly. Significantly, it has been able to bring therapeutic relief to patients by application of techniques such as foreign body extraction (coin, denture, bone, meat bolus), dilatation of strictures (both benign and malignant), endoscopic haemostasis (stopping bleeding from ulcers, vascular malformation, varices), stenting for malignant tumors (particularly esophageal), removal of polypi from stomach and colon and feeding tube placement.

EKO is the first institute to have introduced Argon Plasma Coagulation in Eastern India and to use “endoscopic clip techniques” for cessation of G.I. bleeding.

ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography):

Till date, more than 8000 ERCP procedures have been performed in the department. Since MRCP has reduced the need to do ERCP for diagnostic purposes, most of the ERCPs done in recent times have been for treating pancreatico-biliary diseases. Procedures include stone and round worm extraction from bile and pancreatic duct, plastic and metal stenting for biliary strictures and cancers, pancreatic pseudocyst drainage and nasobiliary drainage for control of cholangitis. EKO has been the first institute in eastern India to use metal stents and to do endoscopic pseudocyst drainage.

Capsule Endoscopy (Wireless Endoscopy):

The EKO Capsule Endoscopy system from Given Imaging, Israel helps perform small intestinal endoscopy. Over the last 3 years more than 120 patients with obscure gastrointestinal bleeding have been attended to by the institute. Introduction of Capsule Endoscopy has given new hope to patients with small intestinal diseases, which earlier often required surgery (laparotomy) for diagnosis.

Urea Breath Test:

Our Urea Breath Test machine, the only one in Eastern India, is used for non-invasive diagnosis of gastric helicobacter pylori, which is now considered to be the foremost cause of peptic ulcers, gastric carcinoma and some lymphomas. It is the best way to detect and confirm eradication of bacteria, while avoiding endoscopy and biopsy.