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EKO offers a wide range of specialized diagnostic and imaging services. The various departments and facilities available are given below. To learn more about any of the departments click on View Details.

Ultrasonography Department

Dr S. K. Sharma has been one of the pioneering forces in Ultrasonography in India. Started in 1981, the department has the latest generation USG equipment to provide the best and widest range of diagnostic services in USG, from obstetrics to imaging of almost all body parts. The department is equipped with high resolution USG and has recently installed Volusion 3D and 4D imaging systems.

Trans-Vaginal Sonography (TVS)
Trans-Rectal Ultra Sonography (TRUS)
Ultrasound of small parts, including Eye, Thyroid, Testes, Musculo-Skeletal system
Ultrasound guided intervention procedures
Renal/ Obstetric Doppler Studies
3D and 4D Ultrasound