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Dr. Sharma Oration

One of the singular features of the Annual Dr S K Sharma Oration Awards Programme is the recognition of outstanding healers across the World as part of the organization's extended Corporate Social Responsibility.

The first award is for remarkable work done in the field of Imaging. Entries are invited from radiologists across the world and the award goes to the most path-breaking work done in this field by an individual.

The second award is conferred on a professional medical practitioner based in Kolkata in recognition of lifetime achievement in a given field .

2009Dr Srinivas B Desai
Director, Dept. of Imaging & Interventional Radiology, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai
Clinical Applications of 3 Tesla MRI
2008Dr Abass Alavi, USAUnique and Unparalleled Impact of PET Imaging on the Day to Day Practice of Medicine
2007Dr Mukund JoshiUSG in Clinical Practice
2006Dr P RamanathanFunctional Imaging and PET-CT in Clinical Practice
2005Dr Kakarla SubbaraoProgress in Radiology