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Diwali 2021
The centre will remain close on 04th Nov 2021 on account of Kali Puja
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Team dynamics at EKO rivals the best available anywhere.

The entire staff is dedicated, inspired by the energy of hope, and is committed to go all the way to provide meaningful solutions for our customers and patients.

Dr. S. K. Sharma One man believed in this dictum, and he created history. Armed with a Masters Degree in Radiology and a job as the head of the Radiology Department at the Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata, Dr S K Sharma, came to this city from Mumbai in 1968. He actually brought more - extraordinary zeal, huge confidence, a powerful willingness to benefit society at large, and a dream to place Kolkata at the zenith of Radiological & Imaging facilities in India.

Real-time work began with only one 800MA X-Ray machine, but Dr Sharma used vision and leadership, service-above-self, dynamic and professional teamwork, state-of-the-art technologies, and continuous up gradation and modernization to create an outstanding institution. End-of-the-line focus and primary goal was - to strive to obtain and deliver the most accurate diagnostic results possible.

While the vision of one man become his reality, a far greater achievement was when that vision became everyone's reality. The institute today stands as a tribute to the living legend Dr. Sharma, President of the Society of Nuclear Medicine in 1992 and of the Indian Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology in 1996, and of the Indian Radiological & Imaging Association in 2000. In 1999-2000, he was honored with the post of Governor of ACCP. East India. His contributions towards the development progress and teaching of radiology in India, has been nothing short of legendary. He served as the Sheriff of Kolkata in 1999 and currently is a Professor of Radiology at The Institute of Child Health and an adjunct professor at lIT, Kharagpur.

EKO, the institute, has never stood as a symbol of the culmination of private desire; it has come to personify an evolving dream, which seeks ever-expanding horizons, greener pastures and more wealth of everyone's health. Success is not the destination for EKO; it is a way of life.