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EKO & Siemens Tie Up - PET-CT

Dr S K Sharma, an eminent radiologist & Nuclear Imaging specialist is well known throughout our country. His vision was to make EKO X-RAY & Imaging Institute, Kolkata one of the very best in India. All his efforts have been directed to achieving this goal and today patients from the entire eastern India as well as our neighbouring countries are able to avail the benefits of his hard work.

In keeping with his untiring spirit, he has now undertaken the huge responsibility of establishing a PET-CT Scanner with Medical Cyclotron in Kolkata.

To detect various types of cancers, not only FDG (Fluorodeoxy Glucose) but many other radioisotopes with short half life are required. Hence it is absolutely necessary to have the facilities of Cyclotron to generate these special radioisotopes, for e.g, N13, C11, & O15 & other specific Biomarkers which enable early & accurate detection of cancers, their recurrence and metastases.

To install a PET with Cyclotron, several specifications have to be followed which are monitored by AERB. We have been fortunate in the interest taken in the project by the Government of West Bengal. With the able guidance and kind help of the Chief Minister & Health Minister the installation of these projects on land allotted at Rajarhat through HIDCO has been started.

As EKO has always tried to serve the people of the Eastern part of India with the best available equipment in all diagnostic fields, it was decided to select Siemens PET NET as the equipment of choice for production, maintenance and distribution of radio pharmaceuticals in molecular imaging. Along with day to day use for diagnostic & therapeutic purposes this equipment will also be used for Clinical Research. The excellent performance of PET NET internationally has made it imperative to make its benefits available to the people of our country. By having the association with Siemens PET NET Solution, EKO will be able to provide the best of services as well as the latest investigation facilities in Molecular Imaging. Installation of the more advanced facilities for Molecular Imaging will bring the best imaging modality to physicians and patients for early and accurate diagnosis of cancer.

The radiopharmaceutical will also be available to other PET CT providers through PET NET Solution so that its benefits can reach the maximum number of patients thus enabling EKO to achieve its goal of service to humanity.