The centre will remain close on 26th Jan 2022 on account of Republic Day.  / We are open from 8.00am to 7.00pm (Sunday Closed).


 Abdomen Erect
 Ascending & Descending
 Ba. Meal Small Intestine / Appendix
 Barium Follow Through
 Barium Meal ICR
 Barium Oesophagus
 Barium Oesophagus, Stomach & Duodenum
 Cervical Spine AP/LAT
 Cervical Spine LAT EXT + FLEX
 Cervical Spine LAT EXT + FLEX NEUT
 Cervical Spine Open Mouth
 Cervico - Chest
 Distal Cologram
 Dorsal Spine AP/LAT (Supine)
 Dorso - Lumber Spine LAT/FLEX/EXT
 Foot With Ankle
 Forearm With Wrist
 Hand With Wrist
 Heel (Both) Axial
 Hip Including Whole Femur
 Hip Joint Both (Frog - LAT)
 Intravenous (IVU)
 IVU with MCU
 Knees (Both) LAT 30 Degree Flexion
 Lower Limbs

 Lumber Spine
 Morties View
 Orbit PA
 Pelvis With SI Joint
 Paranasal Sinuses
 PNS OM View
 Reverse Towne View
 Shoulder Axial
 SI Joint
 Soft Tissue Neck
 Sterno Claviclular Joint
 Soft Tissue Neck
 Whole Spine