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About Us

In just over quarter of a century, EKO X-Ray & Imaging Institute has evolved into a Premier Institute of Diagnosis, not just in Kolkata, but also across the nation.

The institute was also the first to go into a joint venture with the State Government to provide medical diagnostic facilities at Govt. rates to under-privileged people.

Our Story

EKO stands for Ethically Knowledge-based Organisation. Established in 1980 in Kolkata, Eko X-Ray & Imaging Institute has set a benchmark in the medical diagnostic arena.

Dr. S. K. Sharma One man believed in this dictum, and he created history. Armed with a Masters Degree in Radiology and a job as the head of the Radiology Department at the Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata, Dr S K Sharma, came to this city from Mumbai in 1968. He actually brought more - extraordinary zeal, huge confidence, a powerful willingness to benefit society at large, and a dream to place Kolkata at the zenith of Radiological & Imaging facilities in India.
Real-time work began with only one 800MA X-Ray machine, but Dr Sharma used vision and leadership, service-above-self, dynamic and professional teamwork, state-of-the-art technologies, and continuous up gradation and modernization to create an outstanding institution. End-of-the-line focus and primary goal was - to strive to obtain and deliver the most accurate diagnostic results possible.

While the vision of one man become his reality, a far greater achievement was when that vision became everyone's reality.