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 3D/4D Anomaly Scan
 Anterior Abdominal Wall
 Both Breast
 Calf Muscle
 Colour Doppler Of Knee Joint
 Doppler Of Hand/Wrist
 Doppler Study Of Upper Abdomen / Liver (s)
 Elastography Of Liver
 Elbow Joint
 Fetal Anomaly
 Fetal Anomaly (Twin)
 Fetal Echo
 Fetal Echo (Twin)
 Fibroscan Of Liver
 First Trimester Screening
 Folicle Estimation (TVS)
 Hip Joint
 I V C
 Inguinal Region
 Knee Joint
 KUB & Pelvis
 Kub Prostate
 Lower Abdomen - Male-Urinary Bladder, Prostate, Kidney
 Lower Abdomen
 Lower Abdomen Colour Doppler
 Lower Abdomen-Female-Urinary Bladder & Kidney
 Neck Doppler
 Neck Mass / Lymphnode
 Neck Soft Tissue
 Obstetric Colour Doppler

 Obstetric Pregnancy By TVS
 Obstetrics (Pregnancy)
 Obstetrics Pregnancy - Double Marker
 Obstetrics Pregnancy - Quadriple Marker
 Parotid Gland
 Penile Doppler
 Power Doppler OF Ankle
 Power Doppler Of Feet
 Power Doppler Of Hand
 Power Doppler Of Hand / Wrist
 Power Doppler Of Knee Joint
 Power Doppler Of Shoulder Joint
 Power Doppler Of Wrist
 Renal Artery Doppler
 Renal Doppler ( Artery & Vein)
 Renal Doppler
 Scrotum & Testis
 Scrotum With Doppler
 Shoulder Joint
 Small Part Doppler
 Soft Tissue of Leg
 SonoMammo Pkg
 Spleeno Portal Dopplar
 Submandibular Gland
 Temporal Artery Doppler
 Testicular Doppler
 Thyroid Gland with Tirads
 TRUS with Fistula Mapping
 Undescended Testis
 Upper Abdomen
 Uterine Artery Doppler Study
 Whole Abdomen(