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 Abdomen Upper
 Abdomen Lower
 Ankle Joint
 Arm(Upper Limb)
 Brachial Plexus
 Brain & Diffusion Weighted Images
 Brain & IAC
 Brain & Perfusion & Spectroscopy
 Brain & Spectroscopy
 Brain + Hypothalamus / Pituitary / Sella
 Brain + Pituitary Region / Dynamic
 Brain Angio
 Brain for Neurovascular Compression
 Brain Venogram
 Brain With CPA
 Brain With CSF
 Foot (Both)
 Foot Left
 Foot Right
 Forearm Left (Upper Limb)
 Hip Joint
 Knee Joint
 Kub & Pelvis
 L/S Spine(Lumbo Sacral Spine)
 L/S Spine & Coccyx
 LS And SI Joint
 M P Prostate
 MRI of Breast
 Neck Angio
 Neck Soft Tissue
 Oral Cavity & Neck
 Peripheral Angio
 PNS (Paranasal Sinuses)
 Pregnancy / Fetus

 Brain With Dementia Protocal
 Brain With Epilepsy Protocal
 Brain With IAC
 Brain With MR Angiography
 Brain With MRA
 Brain With Orbit
 Brain With PNS
 Brain With Stroke Protocal
 Cervical Spine
 Cervical Spine With Brachial Plexus
 Cervico Dorsal Spine
 CV Junction
 Dorsal Spine
 Dorso Lumbar Spine
 Dorso-lumbar Spine With SI Joint
 DS Spine With CV Spine
 DS Spine With Whole Spine
 Elbow joint
 Prostate Spectroscopy
 Renal Angio With Kidney
 Sacro - Iliac Joint
 Sacro Coccygeal Spine
 Scrotum / Undescended Testis
 Shoulder Joint
 SI Joint
 Temporo - Mandibular Joint
 Thorax (Mediastinum) / Brachial Plexus
 Thorax Heart
 Whole Abdomen
 Whole Spine
 Wrist Joint